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Hello! I'm Jan, and I'm so pleased you have visited Little Angel Heaven and its companion sites, Little Touches Of Heaven, Fairyland, Days Of Yesteryear, Reflections For Quiet Moments, The Children's Corner, and more. I have created these pages for you to use and enjoy. There is a lot to see and you may not be able to view everything in one visit. Please bookmark these sites and come back again soon as new material will be added from time to time. You may use these graphics for your own personal web page only and TAKING AN ENTIRE PAGE (background, graphics, and music) and calling it your own is prohibited. None are to be used for commercial use. Please right click and save them to your hard disk. PLEASE DO NOT HOT-LINK to this site. Also do not use my graphics or backgrounds in any groups such as MSN, Yahoo, etc. where I cannot view them without joining. If you use any of the backgrounds, graphics or snow globes on these pages, please add the following link. © Angel Reflections. I would appreciate it if you would sign my guestbook. It is located at the end of this page. Your comments are welcome. Thank you.

****We are very sorry to announce that Jan passed away on November 23rd, 2012, and resides with her angels and beloved husband in heaven. Most recently, she was unable to work on her website, but valiantly continued to attempt to create more angel pages. At her memorial, it was a great comfort to all her family to take turns reading many of the wonderful comments left in her guest book, and to just know she touched so many lives all over the world. We, her family, will attempt to keep her website going for as long as we can for all to enjoy. This website was her passion in her later years. Take the time to explore it completely!****

Remembrance - September 11, 2001 - 9/11 Terrorist Attack
Remembrance - February 1, 2003 - Columbia Disaster
Remembrance - December 26, 2004 - Indian Ocean Tsunami
Remembrance - Aug., Sept., 2005 - Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Remembrance - November 5, 2009 - Tragedy At Fort Hood
Remembrance - January 12, 2010 - Earthquake-Haiti

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Featured Music:"Angel Eyes"

~I love these little people;
And it is not a slight thing,
When they, who are so fresh
From God, love us.~
~Make yourself familiar with the angels,
And behold them frequently in spirit;
For, without being seen,
They are present within you.~
St. Francis de Sales

Adorable Angels Sweet Little Angels Loveable Little Angels Angels From Heaven
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Christmas Angels
Christmas Angels Two Christmas Angels Three Little Christmas Angels Angelic Recipes
Charming Little Angels Lovely Little Angels Little Angel Heaven
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Little Baby Angels Darling Little Angels Angel Snow Globes Little Child Angels
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Little Christmas
Angels - Two
Little Angel Teddy
Bears For Christmas
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Little Angels Wishing You
A Merry Christmas
Angels of Love and Light Little Golden Angels Hugable Little Angels
Angel Special Effects Graceful Angels Neopolitan Angels Little Sweetheart Angels
Glorious Angels Shy Little Angels Animated Little Angels The Way to Heaven
Keeper Of Dreams A Choir of Angels Victorian Angels,
Ladies and Poetry
Our Little Angels
Angels In Heaven Angels By The Sea Angels, Butterflies
And Children
The Poet's Angels
Angels Little Friends The Blacksmith's Angel Tiny Tots and
Little Angels
Little Lads and
Pretty Angels
Little Angel Babies Going Home for
Christmas Bells
Flowers From Heaven

~Little Touches Of Heaven~
Feathered Friends
Two Pages
Waterfalls Babies Are Angels Little Angel Jewels
Gardens Of Angels
Six Pages
Little Blue Angels Shakespeare's Angel Quotations Carousels
Little Angel Medallions Friends Are Angels Muted Seamless Backgrounds Footsteps Of Angels
Angels In White Victorian Angels Simply Angelic Notes Beloved Little Angels
Heavenly Holiday Music Midis Look Homeward, Angel Little Angel Teddy Bears Angels Of Mercy
Little Teddy Bear Nurses Little Angels To Treasure Crystal Birthstone Angels The Magic Of Christmas
Angel Bells Sunbonnet Babies Little Shadowboxes Circles Of Angels
Little Kitty Angels Reflective Angels In Silver Reflective Angels In Gold Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
LittleAngel Statues Happy Baby Angels
Angels Circled With Gold
Seashell Angels
Pretty Little Angels From Russia Little Musical Angels Little Angel Dreamcatchers Little Angel Wedgewood Plates
Delicate Little Angels Litttle Angel Music Box Globes The Archangels Lovely Irish Angels
Angel Snowmen's Christmas A Christmas Card For You Little Angel Sweeties Poems, A Child's Garden of Verses
Angel Bookmarks Victorian Ladies
Two Pages
Little Girls Little Boys
Unique Angels Little Guardian Angels Angels In The Mist White Rose Petal Angels
Angel Wind Chimes Little Angel Candles An Angel Prayer The Snowflake
Merry Christmas Everyone! Heigh Ho The Holly Mothers Are Angels The Midnight Ocean
God's Serving Angels Angels Are Making A Difference An Angel By Your Side
Desiderata Real-Life Angels Sweet Little Sisters Our Angel Side
Sweet Gentle Dreams Angels Watching Over Me On The Wings Of A Dove My Beautiful Child
Sleigh Ride White Christmas Angels of Hope, Love, Joy & Peace Twelve Angels
Angel Rose Angel In The Clouds My Sweet Angel The Way
To Heaven

Fairyland Faires And Unicorns Fairy Fountains Wee Folk In
Fairy Globes Little Fairy Medalions Sweet Little Fairies Fairy Paintings
Two Pages
Celtic And Fae Midis Flower Fairy Sparkles Fairy Art In Fancy Frames Butterfly Wing Fairies
A Home-Made Fairy Tale The Pixie People Dancing Princess Fairies The Treasure Of Fairy Wings
Little Fairy Imps Little Fairy Imps Two Coming Coming

~ Midi Music ~
Angelic Music Easy Listening Music Jazz And Blues Music Country And Western Music
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~ The Children's Corner ~

The Children's Corner The Children's Hour Ten Little Indians Itsy Bitsy Spider
All The Pretty Horses Two Little Train Tales Hickory, Dickory Dock The Farmer In The Dell
The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Kittens Little Bo Peep Little
Red Ridinghood
Baa Baa Black Sheep Humpty Dumpty ...Mud Puddles & ...
Yellow Dandelions
The Gingerbread Boy

~Verses For Comfort~
Updated March 20, 2006

Verses For Comfort Verses For Comfort - Two Verses For Comfort - Three Verses For Comfort - Four
Verses For Comfort - Five Verses For Comfort - Six Verses For Comfort - Seven Verses For Comfort - Eight
Verses For Comfort - Nine Verses For Comfort - Ten Verses For Comfort - Eleven Verses For Comfort - Twelve
Verses For Comfort - Thirteen Verses For Comfort - Fourteen Verses For Comfort - Fifteen Verses For Comfort - Sixteen
Verses For Comfort - Seventeen Verses For Comfort - Eighteen Verses For Comfort - Pets Verses For Comfort - Christmas

~Reflections For Quiet Moments~

Gentle Spring Summer Days Autumn Gold Winter Snow
Today in Time Memories Faith and Inspiration Family and Heritage
Dare to Dream Nature's Places Friends Mother
Father Our Wonderful Country Grandparents Children
Beautiful Sunsets The Loom of Time Smiles Love

~ Days Of Yesteryear ~
Days Of Yesteryear A Wealth Of Warmth And Love An Immortal Experience Bins Boxes And Barrels
So Long Old Dobbin Nature's Golden Harvest Bringing In The Sheaves Inside The Picket Fence
Hidden Treasures Stocking Up The Larder Saturday That Holy Night

~ Holidays ~
Happy New Year!
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day, Two Pages
Blessed Easter
Happy Easter - On The Lighter Side
Happy Mother's Day
Memorial Day - A Day For Remembering
Happy Father's Day
July 4th - Independence Day
Christmas, Ten Pages

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~The Poetry Of Frank McNie~
Poems Depicting The Struggles of Historical Scotland .

~The Velvet Peacock Greeting Cards~
Created using some graphics from these pages.

~Friendship Quilt. Add your link.~

~In Loving Memory of My Husband~

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